Our groundbreaking, patent pending technology, will help you attract deeper engagement, exert a stronger influence, and help you stand out in even the most fiercely competitive industries.  Helping you humanize your conversations is in our DNA.

Testimonials & Posts

Application Features
Exceptional analytics for LinkedIn posts without web scraping


You see the entire comment, when it was entered, and who made the comment. Click on the commenter link and you will be brought directly to their LinkedIn page for easy engagement. There's even a separate sheet that totals the comments by commenter.

Data Privacy

We only keep what is needed for accounting. All comments are deleted after 7 days.

Hashtags & Mentions

Our AI carefully sifts through the comments and breakdown all the hashtags & mentions on a separate tab. This gives you a better breakdown of your data for lead generation or gamification of your posts. People will always remember how you made them feel.

Smart Search

We utilized google sheets and Microsoft Excel for our reporting so querying your data is much easier.

Engaged Attendees

Someone scrolling past your post on their feed is considered a view. We show you who took the time to engage in the comments. We provide direct links to the comment and commenter so you can focus on a higher return on relationship value (ROR).

Quick & Easy

Our tiny chrome plugin makes it remarkably easy to submit a post link to our AI backend

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